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Mission Statement

Regal Designer Delivery is a company that stands out among others when it comes to values and dependability. The idea of creating a unique personalized delivery service was established by Joseph O. Smith in 1982 and has always aimed to place its customers as its top priority. Even in today’s world where time and money appear to be the main concern, we feel that old-fashioned values, satisfaction, and the ‘just do a good job’ attitude still have a place in today’s job market. Our family’s commitment to excellence has always been a stepping-stone for genuine custom service. 


With over 30 years of experience our office staff has always remained family based. We have intentionally remained “small” to maintain a family element with a personal style. This has allowed special handling in time-sensitive situations when other companies, either large or small, have had difficulty scheduling around your needs because you are just another number. Let us welcome you and assure you that the main purpose in this business is to lessen the anxiety from the manufacturer to the showroom manager to the designer and finally to the client, and ultimately provide the utmost level of customer satisfaction possible. It is with great pride that we present our information about our family enterprise and we hope that our attempt to make you familiar with our company has brought you closer to becoming a Regal Designer Delivery client.

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