December 2018

A custom client order from manufacturer to the client's home directly.

Client perspective

"We remodeled our home on Maui and ordered all new beautiful custom furniture hand crafted in Los Angeles. We could not have done this project without the expertise and professional service provided by Regal! Everything went perfectly...from our first meeting with Regal...the contract for their services to the finished installation in our Maui home.  Perfection! Regal picked up and crated each piece of custom furnishing as they were completed and stored them waiting for the time to container them all and ship them to Maui.  All this time they kept in contact so we knew what was going on. When the container reached Maui they had a crew to move the crated furnishing from the shipping container...deliver to our home and to uncrate each piece for installation. We also had huge heavy mirrors which they hung with great care and expertise!  This was a big project being done long distance from our life in Chicago... and it was done with ease and Incredible satisfaction on our part...maybe not so easy on their part, but they made it all work smoothly and seemingly with ease!! Our appreciation for the Regal team is immense....we can't thank them enough!! " Nan K




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